one on one of March 10, 2016

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2015 finale • quarter final

Lining up the seven regional winners for 2015 plus the winner of the supertalls cup to find out what is the best new skyscraper of 2015.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai • 632 meter » info

568 Collins

Melbourne • 224 » info

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ArtZ IMO, Shanghai Tower will win the competition :P  
prahovaploiesti Shanghai Tower  
JLJCLPEPE beautiful building  
vartal 568 Collins  +1
zaphod Shanghai Tower is clearly a marvel due to its height. However its overall shape is sort typical for tall buildings in China. It's ironic, rounded curvy supertalls are becoming the new black glass box. And here we have a literal glass box being compared to it, side by side. I don't know how to vote.  
building demolisher 24 Australians have voted wrong this time.  +2
Pansori Lol  +3
Celt67 Landslide.  
lok1999 Gotta keep it close to heart, and vote 568 Collins  
RokasLT No match for ST.  +1
arhimed2050 Shanghai Tower of China 8/8