one on one of March 18, 2016

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future London cup • quarter final

There are currently eight skyscrapers in London under construction or development of 200 meters and up. Which one is best?

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295 meter • proposed » info

Wood Wharf A1

205 meter • proposed » info

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prahovaploiesti 1 Undershaft  
stop that also alpha square 216m/121m and 82 west India dock 220m and north quay has 2 200m+ not one like I thought, so levers more than 8  
Mr Cladding Wood Wharf , Plot A1 as pictured above has been approved for quite some time.  
stop that there are more than 8 200m+ under construction and in development In London. they have left out one nine elms 200m/164m uc also north quay 204m/176m/104m approved and one landowne 235m pro etc etc  
Mr Cladding North Quay won't start until the end the decade thanks to Crossrail and Lansdowne Road is unlikely to start until 2017  
vartal Wood Wharf A1  
KlausDiggy Where is the future Frankfurt Cup ?  +1
Limassoler Leave St. Helen's alone!  +1
arhimed2050 1 Undershaft, London city, GB (UK)  
Zaz965 wood wharf reminds me corn  +2