one on one of March 21, 2016

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future London cup • quarter final

There are currently eight skyscrapers in London under construction or development of 200 meters and up. Which one is best?

22 Bishopsgate

278 meter • proposed » info

South Quay Plaza

215 meter • proposed » info

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Unregistered Evolution Tower  
towerpower123 Both are still very bland!  
stop that South quay plaza is under construction now, 22 bishopsgate has just completed demo and will be rising soon  
prahovaploiesti 22 Bishopsgate  
Mr Cladding ICYMI Both schemes have actually been approved and for quite some time too.  
Glista-City i like South Quay Plaza. It is very elegant.  
luukardinho 22 Bishopsgate is just to fat..  +3
Insanitymind they're so boring; almost all of this cup are tedius  +3
vartal 22 Bishopsgate