one on one of March 22, 2016

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2015 finale • semi final

Lining up the seven regional winners for 2015 plus the winner of the supertalls cup to find out what is the best new skyscraper of 2015.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai • 632 meter » info

Evolution Tower

Moscow • 246 meter » info

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Davidinho Evolution is better than the runner up  +1
gunslinger This should have been the final.  +3
towerpower123 Shanghai Tower wins by height. Evolution wins by design and shear beauty  +2
Mr Nev Shanghai for its organic form. Evolution is too mathmetical and looks more like a Expo pavilion  +3
Zaz965 Shanghai  +1
JMGA196 Shanghai is definitely nice, but I'm sorry Evolution is the most beautiful building of the last decade. Can't believe people are voting for Shanghai just because it's taller.  +2
Greedy Sheedy Evolution Tower for me. A truly beautiful design.  +2
kootbehemooth Shanghai is amazing cos it's high and has gorgeous design, but Evolution has unique form. They can't be compared! I can't choose!  +2
010_zuid I like neither  
Gutovsky Seems like the finale of the turning towers!  +1
gwiATLeman Shanghai, no contest!  
Federation2014 Evolution Tower  +2
vartal Evolution Tower  +6
shivtim No contest. Shanghai Tower had this in the bag before the bracket began.  +2
erikov Shanghai  
_Night City Dream_ Shanghai, sure  +2
vartal you sure?  
TaxiRide Evolution si simply HORRIBLE! Of course the tacky one is getting a lot of attenction and gained the final round :(  +3
Dober_86 Shanghai  +2
mihail.spb Evolution Tower  +1
ancov Shanghai Tower!!!  +2
nidza Evolution Tower  +1
arhimed2050 Shanghai Tower  +1
Unregistered Evolution Tower  +4
RaymondHood None of the above (or below)  +1
vvolkov Evolution Tower  +6
prahovaploiesti Shanghai Tower  +2
Singidunum the vertical reflection on the evolution tower is amazing  +1
Blackhavvk Ultimate skyscraper vs ultimate supertall  +2