one on one of March 29, 2016

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future London cup • semi final

There are currently eight skyscrapers in London under construction or development of 200 meters and up. Which one is best?

1 Undershaft

295 meter • proposed » info

City Pride

239 meter • proposed » info

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arhimed2050 1 Undershaft of London City 2020  
Mr Cladding City Pride looks like something plucked out of Manhattan  
Architecture lover 1 Undershaft looks so good with the metal bracing, and the colour of the glass looks great in that render, hopefully it will look like that once it's finished.  +1
SkyscraperSuperman Both will be impressive, but 1 Undershaft wins out for me.  +1
vartal City Pride  +3
prahovaploiesti 1 Undershaft