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2015 finale • finale

Lining up the seven regional winners for 2015 plus the winner of the supertalls cup to find out what is the best new skyscraper of 2015.

this is it, who wins 2015!

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai • 632 meter » info

Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Plaza

Nanchang • 303 meter » info

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CapTijSlp Shangai by far  
Amecurty those twin at night could offer some competition  
spidey7312 No competition here. Shanghai is too overrated for the twins to win  
Eikichi Overrated? 'kay.  
ArtZ A huge piece of art vs a huge pair of jeans :P  
francais22 Is Shanghai tower the best skyscraper since the Chrysler Building ?  +3
Victhor Since Shanghai Tower is a clear winner in every tournament, maybe there should be a tournament with the best skyscrapers since 1990 to find a good rival for it  +1
arhimed2050 Шанхай Тауэр является лучшим небоскребом в мире!  +1
arhimed2050 Shanghai Tower is a best skyscraper in the world.  
Seoul_Korea This was a really hard choice.  
Zaz965 I voted Shanghai but I also like Nanchang  +2
The seventh shape Nobrainer  
Eikichi I predict an overwhelming victory for the Shanghai Tower.  
prahovaploiesti Shanghai Tower  
vartal Shanghai Tower