one on one of April 8, 2016

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future London cup • finale

There are currently eight skyscrapers in London under construction or development of 200 meters and up. Which one is best?

1 Undershaft

295 meter • proposed » info


220 meter • construction » info

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prahovaploiesti 1 Undershaft  +1
Mr Cladding The render for Newfoundland is the old version and not the current scheme  
Xenoplas I voted for newfoundland but looking at more and more detailed renders I'd probably would have rather picked 1 undershaft  +1
Jan fixed to voting buttons  
RaymondHood My choice is leading 1 to 0!  
stop that both are great but one undershaft looks amazing quality and is almost 300m compared to 220m for newfoundland tower, plus it prefer office towers to residentials  
Architecture lover Both look nice, but I prefer 1 Undershaft.  
vartal Newfoundland