one on one of April 24, 2016

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wood cup • semi final

Eight of the tallest wooden structures, towers and proposals to find out which one we like best!


Melbourne • current tallest plyscraper » info

supertall timber at Barbican

London • design research » info

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prahovaploiesti Forte  
Ultros I voted for Timber at Barbican before I learned it's intended to be made of wood. Who builds a freaking wood skyscraper? I want me vote back.  
midrise Paul Bunyan' digs.  
RobH You do realise this is the "Wood Cup" right? LOL!  
Eikichi Forte, because when nowadays we're hearing everywhere "stop deforestation", you can't decently build a wooden frikkin' supertall.  
TallestKidOnTheBlock Definitely Forte.  
JamieUK I voted Forte. A decent building that's built vs a never will be built out of place building.  +4
vartal supertall timber at Barbican