one on one of April 26, 2016

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eVolo 2016 cup • finale

Every year, eVolo stages a skyscraper design contest where teams from all over the world join in, solving the world's biggest problems in the sky. This tournament lines up the three winners along with a selection of five honorary mentions.


A Skyscraper To Serve As A Beacon And Air Filter For Polluted Cities » info

Data Skyscraper

Sustainable Data Center In Iceland » info

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towerpower123 I like both of them because they are so unique and would look great anywhere. I just wish they would build the data tower in a city where it would be sensible for a skyscraper.  
TallestKidOnTheBlock I say the Air-Stalagmite, but only because some cities really desperately need an air filter.  
Bruce.Tenmile They're both ugly to my eye, but at least the AS wiuld be built in an already built-up area, and not in the middle of unspoilt nature.  +1
RaymondHood RNepeating the name of a building/proposal does not constitute a discussion.  
vartal Data Skyscraper  
prahovaploiesti Air-Stalagmite  +2