one on one of April 29, 2016

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Philip Johnson cup • quarter final

This tournament, our 150th, lines up eight of the most remarkable skyscrapers in the United States designed by Philip Johnson.

One PPG Place

Pittsburgh • 194 meter • 1984 » info

Wells Fargo Center

Denver • 213 meter • 1983 » info

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prahovaploiesti One PPG Place  
JMGA196 Both are disgusting.  
ThatOneGuy PPG place is iconic.  +1
Scott16475 The Denver building is one of my least favorite.  
Ultros The cash register in Denver might be slightly taller, but PPG is way classier.  
midrise PPG is not wearing a crown for is the king!!!  +2
vartal One PPG Place  
RaymondHood The Denver building is silly, while PPG is crazy. I prefer crazy.  +1