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Philip Johnson cup • quarter final

This tournament, our 150th, lines up eight of the most remarkable skyscrapers in the United States designed by Philip Johnson.

550 Madison Avenue

New York City • 197 meter • 1983 » info

IDS Tower

Minneapolis • 241 meter • 1973 » info

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prahovaploiesti 550 Madison Avenue  
Manitopiaaa 550 Madison is hideous. IDS is a stunner  
John Nicollet Mall The IDS is one of the greatest skyscrapers in the US. Too bad you can't see The Crystal Court in this photo  +1
Avian001 IDS. Philip Johnson's masterpiece. The photos do not even begin to show how well the IDS integrates into the fabric of Downtown Minneapolis.  +2
mexmatt IDS, by far. 550 has always looked contrived to me, the architectural equivalent of an attention whore. If you take away the top, you're left with a cereal box; blah. IDS, on the other hand, is based on its faceted design, so whether you're looking at it from the street or form higher up, the view is ever changing. It's been a symbol of Minneapolis for decades, and its Crystal Court is a marvel of public space. 550 is just another mid-height Manhattan building.  +5
ThatOneGuy 550 is *the* postmodern building.  +1
SMCYB Neither one is great, but at least 550 Madison adds an interesting element to the skyline.  
Lovricico 550 Madison Avenue.  
412lakes IDS, the Crystal Court at the base is a gem  +3
Momosty Love the top of 550 Madison ave  +1
Mplsuptown The IDS is a beautiful building and has held up well for the past 43 years. This is the building that put Minneapolis on the map and the rest of the city's buildings have transpired to be.  +3
RaymondHood Investors' Diversified Services  +2
FloripaNation IDS  +1
vartal IDS Tower  +1