one on one of May 1, 2016

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Philip Johnson cup • quarter final

This tournament, our 150th, lines up eight of the most remarkable skyscrapers in the United States designed by Philip Johnson.

One Detroit Center

Detroit • 189 meter • 1991 » info

Bank of America Center

Houston • 238 meter • 1983 » info

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prahovaploiesti One Detroit Center  
412lakes Bank of America without the lower setback would have been better. The bottom third is too massive imo.  
aljuarez Detroit, by far. Adds interest to a skyline of bland towers. Houston's lacks elegance and proportions are way off! Sore thumb comes to mind...  +1
SMCYB Both are great. I had to choose one.  +3
ainvan Love postmodern gothic architecture!  
vartal One Detroit Center  
Seoul_Korea One Detroit Center, but the other one is splendid too  
dbk I hope for a tie, both buildings are a top class.  +2
midrise Yes....that gets my vote.  
artObserver Both skyscrapers are splendid!  +3