one on one of May 4, 2016

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future Chicago cup • semi final

Lining up eight of the tallest proposed skyscrapers in the Windy City!

113 East Roosevelt

Chicago • 270 meter » info

Wolf Point

Chicago • 290 meter » info

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munchymunch wrong wolf point rendering guys  
Avangard-55 113 East Roosevelt reminds me Abu Dhabi Tower in Astana, with cladding of Mercury city tower.  +1
luukardinho 113 East Roosevelt is to much Sears Tower..  +3
Avangard-55 BUt Sears-tower is one of the most beautiful of the world. So why not 2 of the most beautiful of the world for Chicago?  
RaymondHood I'll take the Argentinian (Pelli) over the Uragayan (Vinoly)  
wkiehl101 113 E Roosevelt  
INFERNAL ELF 113 East Roosevelt nice heigh and perfect nod to the Sears Tower  
prahovaploiesti 113 East Roosevelt  
vartal Wolf Point