one on one of May 5, 2016

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areas of Dubai cup • quarter final

Lining up eight of the most eye catching areas that make up the city of Dubai!

Downtown Dubai

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Balkanada I find it deplorable that Dubai is even discussed in a positive light on an urban enthusiast forum. You should all realize how disgustingly artificial this city is  +7
Gabriel900 I find it deplorable how hateful and jealous you are! lol  +5
dysan1 how is his comment "hateful and jealous"?  
Ultros I'm not choosing. Both are beautiful in their own ways.  +1
Iansky Dubai ofcourse. Wait me 3 months later  
Gabriel900 Love them both equally I seriously can't choose :)  +4
stwebm Jumeirah  
prahovaploiesti Downtown Dubai  
vartal Jumeirah