one on one of May 7, 2016

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areas of Dubai cup • quarter final

Lining up eight of the most eye catching areas that make up the city of Dubai!

Sheikh Zayed Road

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Dubai Marina

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prahovaploiesti Sheikh Zayed Road  
JamieUK So Futuristic.  +1
soluço sorry but Dubai looks so fake and sim city-like I can't think about it being a vivid city  
Hecter Because probably you have not visit the city....It is one of the most liviliest city I have ever been to, and I have lived in almost 3 cities in the US and it would not compare to my life living there. Sorry, but haters gonna hate. All these anti-Arabs, islamaphobes in this community is digusting.  +1
ill tonkso I agree, I went there recently and it's very, very fake. There is nothing islamaphobic about your statement.  
vartal Sheikh Zayed Road  
DubaiM Easy to choose, actually. Dubai Marina has a canal, shops, cafés, tall skyscrapers and a beach while Sheikh Zayed Road is nothing more than an urban nightmare full of highway lanes and parking lots. Yea, the skyscrapers are nice, but the urban planning is terrible..  +1
Gabriel900 Actually SZR has shops, cafés and restaurants and a beautiful walkway! It is just not covered in media so you don't know but SZR sidewalk is my favorite place to stroll in Dubai :)  
Marcus Brody More like Photoshop cup...  
BadgerCT All that money and yet...  +1
Architecture lover Neither.  +7
Gabriel900 This is impossible for me to choose from!!  +1