one on one of May 9, 2016

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wood cup • finale

Eight of the tallest wooden structures, towers and proposals to find out which one we like best!

supertall timber at Barbican

London • design research » info


Heide Park • tallest wooden roller coaster in the world » info

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prahovaploiesti Colossos  
1+2=3 A design that's probably never going to be realised is beating something that actually exists.  
Exethalion one is a design study whereas the other was actually built, I don't know why we are comparing these  +1
poshbakerloo What on earth is "supertall timber at Barbican"  
UncleScrooge The one that exists  +5
The seventh shape These can't be compared. Roller coasters aren't built according to aestethic criteria at all.  +2
vartal Colossos