one on one of May 11, 2016

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Philip Johnson cup • semi final

This tournament, our 150th, lines up eight of the most remarkable skyscrapers in the United States designed by Philip Johnson.

IDS Tower

Minneapolis • 241 meter • 1973 » info

Bank of America Center

Houston • 238 meter • 1983 » info

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Róka Bank of America Center  
anjunabeats91 IDS is definitely a flagship tower. Just look at it  
Jennifat IDS Center is clearly superior.  
TotoroKawai bank of America of course !  
Mplsuptown IDS is an icon and broke the mold for skyscrapers.  +1
Nordeast Homer The Crystal Court of the IDS is a beautiful urban space!  +2
Major Deegan I agree. THe Crystal Court is a very beautiful public space. Proof [link]  +2
()_T Bank of America Tower!!  
wkiehl101 I like both but leaning toward BofA  
DubaiM Bank of America Tower is very unique!  
vartal IDS Tower  +1
Exethalion Iain Duncan Smith tower?  +1
munchymunch IDS  +1
prahovaploiesti IDS Tower  +1