one on one of May 12, 2016

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future Chicago cup • finale

Lining up eight of the tallest proposed skyscrapers in the Windy City!

Vista Tower

Chicago • 363 meter » info

113 East Roosevelt

Chicago • 270 meter » info

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Stringpicker The Vista Tower adds yet another iconic skyscraper to an already magnificent skyline IMHO.  
ThatOneGuy Vista. The other is a Sears ripoff.  
SOLOMON Vista Tower.  +1
412lakes Vista is too bulky for my taste  +1
412lakes Vista would be wonderful if the shorter tower part was eliminated  
Edil Arda 113 East Roosevelt look cooler.  
prahovaploiesti Vista Tower  
GunnerJacket Blech. Both will be visual blemishes on Chicago's architectural record.  
SpiderBHZ The taller the better.  
arhimed2050 East Roosevelt  
Xenoplas I'm pretty sure those two were in this tournament against each other before...  +1
luukardinho 113 East Roosevelt is a worse copy of willis tower  +2
vartal Vista Tower  
wkiehl101 113 E Roosevelt  
Zaz965 113 east roosevelt reminds me strongly willis tower