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Raymond Hood cup • semi final

Lining up eight designs by the famous Art Deco style architect Raymond Hood.

Tribune Tower

Chicago • 141 meter • 1925 » info

American Radiator Building

New York • 103 meter • 1924 » info

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RaymondHood Thanks to SSC for creating a thread about my work.  
JMGA196 Quite a difficult one, both are extremely great  
midrise The name says it all, American RAD..iator Building.  
SMCYB Whew! That's a tough one. Both are amazing.  
Gutovsky Both are beautiful, but the ARB is one of my favorite buildings in the world...  +1
prahovaploiesti American Radiator Building  
DUBAI10000 The tribune tower in my opinion blows away the American Radiator Tower  
412lakes Is there another building like American Radiator in the US?  
Architecture lover Well, Carbide & Carbon Building might not be very similar (there aren't a lot of similarities actually, except they've used golden color on some of the details making a nice contrast with the rest of the facade), but it certainly has an equally beautiful upper part like this building.  
GunnerJacket Two of the best early skyscrapers going. Pure beauties!  +2
vartal American Radiator Building  +1
wkiehl101 I like both, but chose the Tribune Tower  +1
The seventh shape The tribune tower is known as gothic, not art deco.  
RaymondHood American Radiator, 19-12,  
Architecture lover So hard to decide. Both very beautiful. This is how real Art Deco looks.  +2