one on one of May 18, 2016

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Philip Johnson cup • finale

This tournament, our 150th, lines up eight of the most remarkable skyscrapers in the United States designed by Philip Johnson.

Williams Tower

Houston • 275 meter • 1982 » info

IDS Tower

Minneapolis • 241 meter • 1973 » info

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prahovaploiesti IDS Tower  
Jennifat IDS Center is much, much more stately and iconic. Most towers in Houston look generic and cheap, including this one.  +5
DUBAI10000 Both are horrible, to be honest this has made me realize how horrible of an architect Phillip Johnson was.  +1
412lakes IDS complex is in the heart of a dense downtown core. Williams is in an outling area. IDS is the winner here!  +4
wkiehl101 IDS  +4
Major Deegan Three reasons why IDS is way cooler a) Crystal Court b) unique stepback corner design c) It looks spectacular in the city's skyline [link]  +4
vartal Williams Tower  +1