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megatalls cup • quarter final

In celebration of our new megatalls forum, this time we're lining up all buildings over 600 meters tall, either completed or under construction. Lucky number 8 is the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. You really couldn't be bothered to add one friggin meter could you!?

Burj Khalifa

Dubai • 828 meter • 2010 » info

Ping An Finance Center

Shenzhen • 599 meter • 2016 » info

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somrach1 and this is a horrible picture of Ping an anyway . there's plenty nice pic of it .  +1
somrach1 I'm sorry even though Burj is the tallest but the design isn't that nice. i 'll go with Ping an  
Scion Burj Khalifa wins hands down. Ping An's real height is not even 599, it's 593m  
KillerZavatar height comparison: [link]  
vartal Burj Khalifa  
gwiATLeman If it had the spire I might have gone with Ping An. Without spire, not a chance.  +3
msquaredb I prefer the proportions of Ping An.  
prahovaploiesti Burj Khalifa  
Xenoplas ping an is really missing that spire but it's still a great building I don't know what problems you all have with it.  +1
HRP4Life If Ping An is only 599m then then shouldn't it not qualify for a megatall?  +3
Jan as the intro reads, we needed one more to fill the bracket  +1
Dubai Skyscraper Ping'an doesn't look anything like that. People who defend the spireless design oftenly claim that the spire wasn't a big thing and will not be missed. But actually it is the centerpiece of the design, which becomes even more obvious to me now that I've seen the final, disappointing pyramid top design.  +7
Gabriel900 Uncircumcised Tower VS. Circumcised Tower :P jokes aside BK for sure (although this pic is a trillion years old)  +4
Architecture lover Which one should I choose? A building that is out of proportion with its surrounding, against a low quality building (that doesn't even look like the one on the render). Neither the first one, neither the second one.  
Gabriel900 We have a butthurt dubai hater over here! Someone call 911 before he loses it  +1