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megatalls cup • quarter final

In celebration of our new megatalls forum, this time we're lining up all buildings over 600 meters tall, either completed or under construction. Lucky number 8 is the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. You really couldn't be bothered to add one friggin meter could you!?

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai • 632 meter • 2015 » info

Abraj Al Bait

Mecca • 601 meter • 2012 » info

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Avian001 This is a perfect example of how much of a folly it is to simply "blow up" a classical style of architecture (either Eastern or Western)into a megatall. The proportions are off. The styling is off. The result is really, really bad. The Shanghai Tower is brilliant by comparison. The Abraj al Bait is just a pile of concrete fashioned into a faint echo of stunningly beautiful Islamic architecture.  +7
somrach1 Shanghai Tower Vs Ping An 599m in the final please.  +1
SpiderBHZ this building in Mecca is...oh my God!!! sooooo ugly.  
naruciakk Who have even appointed Abraj Al Bait (suspicious name BTW, this building looks like a great bait for architectural society) for this contest. Seriously, what's going on? :v  
Ch.W Abraj Al Bait to 51% Shanghai Tower 49% so the first one  
igor Shanghai Tower  
Леонид Shanghai Tower by a landslide!! elegance and beauty meets bulky and cheesy  
Pansori Lol  
SOLOMON Shanghai tower of course.  
TaxiRide I voted for Sailor Moon Palace.  
Avangard-55 Suadis tried to mix Moscow State University, Big Ben and Las Vegas in one building and get the ugliest on earth.  +15
CactusLord mmm difficult decission, abraj al bait one of the ugliest buildings on earth or shanghai tower one of the most beautifcul modern skyscrapers.  +11
Edil Arda Abraj Al Bait is one of the worst man-made structures on earth.  +5
indiekid Money can't buy good taste.  +11
Eikichi Abraj al bait...that huge thing built to say "hey, my religion is the best, come bro"...nope.  +6
Icewave No actually .. it was constructed due to the large number of people come to Makkah during Pilgrimage actually all over the year .. so they need a huge hotel .. Moreover, it's not one hotel .. it's a group of hotels  
Icewave & if we talk about it from arch. view ( not religious as you did ).. I vote for Shanghai Tower cuz of course it's an out standing in everything.. & I'm Muslim By the way  
RaymondHood Mecca is a grotesque joke.  +17
HRP4Life Both look nice but Shangahai Tower is better.  
Zaz965 it is necessary courage enough to vote in abraj al  
Grimbarian Not sure how anyone can vote for that monstrosity  +10
TallestKidOnTheBlock Anything>Abraj Al Bait  +7
prahovaploiesti Shanghai Tower  +2
Gabriel900 Elegance VS a disaster of a megatall? Of course Shanghai like why is this a matter of voting lol  +18
vartal Abraj Al Bait  +1