one on one of May 21, 2016

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megatalls cup • quarter final

In celebration of our new megatalls forum, this time we're lining up all buildings over 600 meters tall, either completed or under construction. Lucky number 8 is the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. You really couldn't be bothered to add one friggin meter could you!?

Jeddah Tower

Jeddah • 1000 meter • 2018 » info

Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Suzhou • 729 meter • 2021 » info

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dysan1 The Jeddah tower is rather pointless. Simply high for the sake of it means ego architecture  
Jordan de California ALL megatall buildings are like that.  
prahovaploiesti Suzhou Zhongnan Center  
Sheikh23 Suzhou has a cool sorrounding, unlike the JT  
Ultros Spike vs Spike. I'll go with the taller one.  +1
somrach1 are ya'll Blind or something Suzhou got way better design  +4
Shanperson Yeah but this forum only cares about height :P  +1
010_zuid I like neither :/  +1
vartal Jeddah Tower  
Pansori Easy one. Suzhou.  +2
wkiehl101 Jeddah Tower  
arhimed2050 Suzhou Zhongnan Center, China