one on one of May 22, 2016

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megatalls cup • quarter final

In celebration of our new megatalls forum, this time we're lining up all buildings over 600 meters tall, either completed or under construction. Lucky number 8 is the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. You really couldn't be bothered to add one friggin meter could you!?

Merdeka PNB118

Kuala Lumpur • 630 meter • 2020 » info

Wuhan Greenland Center

Wuhan • 636 meter • 2018 » info

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Cerulean Unicorn vs Sperm Whale?  
Erran Merdeka looks very cool  
lelaki_melayu2003 Wuhan looks sterile while Merdeka looks edgy. Go PNB 118!  
prahovaploiesti Merdeka PNB118  
Waffles I like both, but the Wuhan Greenland Center slightly edges the other out. Kuala Lumpur's skyline is already beautiful.  
Momosty Wuhan Greenland Center looks awesome ! I really like Merdeka though  
Joe_centennial Merdeka gets my vote. Greenland Center looks like a monstrous air purifier machine...hell, if only it is. Yikes!  
ash7 Merdeka PNB118 not like others...  
Whisky Peak PNB118 design reminds me of BURJ 2020. I like it  
luukardinho Merdeka PNB118 looks way better, but feels like cheating with that spire..  +1
DubaiM Wow, that's a tough one.... My vote still goes to Merdeka  
K.AT.E.P.I.L.A.R sure Merdeka PNB118  
vartal Merdeka PNB118  
wkiehl101 Merdeka  
sepul Both towers look futuristic. The Chinese one feels like a perfect Utopian future, while the Malaysian one oozes Tron-like future. I like Tron.  +4
Guajiro1 The Chinese one looks like something from Coruscant.  
BadgerCT Looks like something from Ann Summers