one on one of May 23, 2016

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Raymond Hood cup • finale

Lining up eight designs by the famous Art Deco style architect Raymond Hood.

American Radiator Building

New York • 103 meter • 1924 » info

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York • 260 meter • 1933 » info

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ArtZ To be honest, both are horrible...  
Waffles American Radiator  
Celt67 That radiator building always reminds me of expensive chocolates.  +2
DeaconG they're both magnificent, but 30 Rock (barely)  
BadgerCT Sophie had an easier choice  +4
TaxiRide great! XD  
philipx the left one looks like Theo Galavan‘s penthouse  
wkiehl101 30 Rock  
prahovaploiesti 30 Rockefeller Plaza  
vartal American Radiator Building  +1