one on one of May 24, 2016

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areas of Dubai cup • finale

Lining up eight of the most eye catching areas that make up the city of Dubai!

Downtown Dubai

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Dubai Marina

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INFERNAL ELF Dubai marina is much more diverse and has Beach sea and beach bars. And also Some really tall and diverse towers. and u can padle around it all if u want too.  
Waffles Dubai Marina is WAY more colorful and fun! Plus it has some of the greatest hotels in the world.  +1
prahovaploiesti Downtown Dubai  
Seoul_Korea Downtown because is fucking booming.  
naruciakk Marina, it looks much more coherently and orderly.  +2
Gabriel900 Both pics are old! Now its way more dense in both  
vartal Dubai Marina  
towerpower123 Downtown because of Burj Khalifa