one on one of May 31, 2016

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icons of Rome cup • quarter final

Only eight to chose from many landmarks that define the ancient city. Now the hardest part is to pick the best!


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Sistine Chapel

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Waffles Simple and Elegant, Please  
SMCYB Simple and elegant vs. busy, ornate and guilt-inspiring. No contest.  
lollo2009 Pantheon..a masterpiece!  
aljuarez Pantheon. Awe-inspiring space! You can get a better look at the frescoes in full detail in the many books devoted to it.  
superfan The comments section can really give you the feel of the place sometimes.  
Amecurty what the..  
Exethalion Purely from the quality of my personal experience, Pantheon. I spent 6 hours queuing for Sistine Chapel, only to be pushed through it by a rabid crowd in about one minute. I had a long time to stroll around the cool Pantheon which had no queue and plenty of space.  +1
ainvan Seriously? Pantheon, of course! Pax Romana!  +1
RaymondHood Flat vs. three-dimensional; space vs. two dimensions  
prahovaploiesti Pantheon  
TallestKidOnTheBlock Apples and oranges  +2
vartal Pantheon  +1