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icons of Rome cup • quarter final

Only eight to chose from many landmarks that define the ancient city. Now the hardest part is to pick the best!

St. Peter`s Basilica & Square

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Altare della Patria

Piazza Venezia » info

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Braillard Altare della Patria  
TheIllinoisan St Peters is the greatest structure ever built by human hands at any time and any place on the entire earth.  
prahovaploiesti Altare della Patria  +1
Seoul_Korea Altare della Patria  +1
naruciakk Seriously? How Altare is even competing with St. Peter's Basilica?  +4
Juana La Loca No competition even remotely possible.  +2
pitrio Altare  
LucaRm Seriously, there are four centuries between them and 60 meters in height too.  
Zaro From aesthetic point of view - Vittoriano, from engineering - St. Peter  +1
mpeculea tough chioice. I think the whole cup will be a series of tough choices.  +4
ainvan One of them looks like a wedding cake :D  +1
Celt67 Technically, one of them isn't in Rome. ;-)  +10
LucaRm Please!  +1
Atlantropa Technically no, Vatican is one of the traditional sevem hills of Rome. So not both in Italy but 100% both in Rome.  +1
towerpower123 You're right. The Vatican is its own COUNTRY, which is wholly within Rome.  
vittorio tauber Jurisdictional Fiction.  
vartal St. Peter`s Basilica & Square  +1