one on one of June 2, 2016

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icons of Rome cup • quarter final

Only eight to chose from many landmarks that define the ancient city. Now the hardest part is to pick the best!


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Forum Romanum

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Gutovsky Nothing says Rome like the Colosseum. The Forum is historical, but it lacks identity.  
IThomas the amphitheatrum flavium: the symbol of rome, one of the wonders of the world  
Exethalion The Forum is beautiful too, but the Colosseum is just too iconic.  +1
Lino both, but I chose the Fori as its about different emperors, times, styles, there's an evolution of the empire.  +4
Seoul_Korea Forum Romanum  +1
CactusLord Forum for me  +1
prahovaploiesti Colosseum  
vartal Colosseum