one on one of June 3, 2016

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icons of Rome cup • quarter final

Only eight to chose from many landmarks that define the ancient city. Now the hardest part is to pick the best!

Trevi Fountain

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Spanish Steps

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Braillard Spanish Steps  
prahovaploiesti Trevi Fountain  
3tmk yes I'm sorry it was Feyenoord but the PSV fans had fun in Rome as well lol  
3tmk I think we need to ask the PSV fans about their favorite Rome landmark lol  
010_zuid 1) You're confusing PSV with Feyenorod  
010_zuid 1) You're confusing PSV with Feyenoord  
010_zuid 2) The 'police' started that riot, the evidence is there, but mainstream media don't tell that side of the story  
aenigma Trevi Fountain, ├ža va sans dire...  
wkiehl101 Trevi  
vartal Trevi Fountain