one on one of June 6, 2016

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megatalls cup • finale

In celebration of our new megatalls forum, this time we're lining up all buildings over 600 meters tall, either completed or under construction. Lucky number 8 is the 599-meter-tall Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. You really couldn't be bothered to add one friggin meter could you!?

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai • 632 meter • 2015 » info

Jeddah Tower

Jeddah • 1000 meter • 2018 » info

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ArtZ Shanghai Tower is the absolute winner!!!  
HRP4Life Shanghai Tower :P  
somrach1 we got a Clear winner in here . Shanghai tower. for it's beautiful smooth design and how well it's fit in the City  +1
naruciakk As I said before – not the highest, but the best. And Shanghai Tower, as it's actually a part of the city, is way better than big-monument-and-nothing-more Jeddah Tower.  +2
gwiATLeman Shanghai No contest. Tall just for the sake of being tall doesn't mean good architecture.  +5
Proterra Obviously the Chinese one. It looks like it belongs there, and the design is stylish as well.  +3
SpiderBHZ The taller the better.  +1
vartal Jeddah Tower  
prahovaploiesti Shanghai Tower  +16