one on one of June 10, 2016

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icons of Budapest cup • quarter final

Eight landmark structures that define the Hungarian capital on both banks of the Danube river.

two tallest towers in town

Parliament Building

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St. Stephen`s Basilica

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Róka Országház  
Lino its interior makes me vote the Basilica  
Waffles parliament  
naruciakk 170:9, Basilica is still not even in double-digit… is it the greatest overkill in SSCXL history? :v  
ThatOneGuy The parliament building is my favourite building in the world  +3
Proterra Absolutely beautiful parliament building squatted by Europe's ugliest government. Still beats a religious building though :-)  +3
SpiderBHZ Parliament Building, of course. The most beautiful government building in the world!!  +2
vartal Parliament Building  +1
prahovaploiesti Parliament Building  +1
INFERNAL ELF an icons of Budapest cup Seriously the parliament building is gonna just wreck havoc  +1
gomilozyt that should be the final...  
towerpower123 No chance for the church! It is beautiful, but no comparison to the Parliament!!!  +9
1+2=3 25 - 0 first time Ive seen such a decisive victory, btw it's obvious parliament is gonna win the competition  
1+2=3 meant 'one sided' :-P  
CactusLord No doubts, parliament.  +1
Zaro No contest here.