one on one of June 11, 2016

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icons of Rome cup • semi final

Only eight to chose from many landmarks that define the ancient city. Now the hardest part is to pick the best!


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St. Peter`s Basilica & Square

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Yagura The St. Peter`s Basilica isn't properly in Rome. :)  +1
naruciakk It's probably the hardest choice in this cup.  +1
Lino for its construction and timelessness, Pantheon  +4
vartal Pantheon  
The_Fox Tough one! Few places are as iconic as St. Peter's, but few places are as awesome as the Pantheon!  +1
IThomas Pantheon  +1 I was standing under that oculus thinking "this roof has been up here for almost two millennia". It's unbelievable...  +1
Singidunum St. Peter`s Basilica & Square are in Vatican right  +1
Lino indeed they are. But the Pope is also Bishop of Rome. You enter through x-ray doors and just walk out and tadah you're in another country  
adevahi In fact, you enter in the new country before, just when you enter in St. Peter square. No borders, no security, no checkings. Freedom of passage  
prahovaploiesti St. Peter`s Basilica & Square  
CactusLord St peter's is beautiful, but the fact that pantheon remains since roman times just blows my mind, I'll go with pantheon  +6