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shivtim The fact that the pantheon was built almost 2,000 years ago yet has a variable thickness dome that transitions to lighter material at the top? Yeah... that gets my vote. A marvel of engineering.  +5
nothatso Very difficult. The Pantheon's ceiling has stood for so long... but so would the Colosseum had it not been cannibalized for building materials.  +1
Exethalion Pantheon may not be as famous but when you step inside it is truly a wonder of architecture.  
wkiehl101 pantheon  
CactusLord I know it isn't going to win, but my vote goes for pantheon. The fact that the ceiling remains intact since roman times blows my mind, when I was there looking up to the ceiling i felt more respect for the Roman society than I did when I was in the colosseum. So yep pantheon for being an architecture marvel.  +12
vartal Colosseum  
prahovaploiesti Colosseum