one on one of July 3, 2016

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WOHA cup • semi final

Lining up the eight best tallest buildings designed by Wong Mun Summ, Richard Hassell and company.

The Pano

Bangkok • 220 meter • 2010 » info

Oasia Downtown

Singapore • 207 meter • 2016 » info

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Waffles Oasia  
Yagura The pic of The Pano is terrible.  
prahovaploiesti The Pano  
Skyline Art The Pano one is better as it has a bridge and no other highrise besides it. Also the light is so magestic. The second one is just another building shot. Even if it is a bit different.  
FloripaNation The Pano  
stwebm dt  
Grejv Right pic voters = LGBT  
TimFromBish I'm not LGBT! )  
ArtZ Bwahahaha...  
vartal The Pano