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euro biztrict cup • quarter final

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies


Frankfurt » info


Istanbul » info

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Waffles Bankenviertel looks so much better  
ArtZ What a poor photo of Levent!! :-/  +1
prahovaploiesti Bankenviertel  
Tiaren Frankfurt pic is missing some recent towers and still it is way ahead of Levent.  
CactusLord No contest here, Frankfurt's is the best european skyline by far for me.  +2
SpiderBHZ Levent, no doubt.  +1
Seoul_Korea Bankenviertel, obviously. The pic is out-dated, anyways, surely before 2012 (TaunusTurm - 170m - still missing)  +5
vartal Bankenviertel  +1