one on one of July 7, 2016

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euro biztrict cup • quarter final

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies

La Défense

Paris » info

Cuatro Torres

Madrid » info

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prahovaploiesti La Défense  +1
Waffles Paris La Defense  +1
CactusLord Tough one for me. In terms of density la defense is better, but in terms of architecture I prefer Cuatro Torres Foster, Pelli and Espacio which is a gorgeous tower. Given that CTBA has 3 of the top 10 tallest buildings in the EU, I'll go for it and also because I know it isn't going to win and I'll give them some love and ,of course as a spaniard my vote goes for my beloved Madrid.  +2
CactusLord I'll add something more Cuatro Torres is more like a complex than a district, Madrid has several skyscraper complexes along La Castellana Avenue. I'd would have added La castellana to the tournament and not just CTBA.  +1
Lydon La Defense all the way! My favourite skyline in the world.  +1
wkiehl101 La Defense  +1
Yen Jcc ______4______  
SpiderBHZ La Défense naturellement! Vive la Revolution!  +1
arno-13 This picture of la Defense is several years old, as a number of towers are missing (at least thrree) it it easely noticeable on the left part which look better today with a tower now rising above the mass.  +6
Ekumenopolis Not the best CTBA pic, but still LD has an easy one here. Some decades of developing lean the scale in this knockout.  
Seoul_Korea La Défense  +1
vartal Cuatro Torres  +1
stwebm lol