one on one of July 8, 2016

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euro biztrict cup • quarter final

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies


Amsterdam » info

The City

London » info

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Waffles The City  
prahovaploiesti The City  
Unregistered The City  
SMCYB London wins for both the architecture and the quality of the photo.  
Niek99 AMSTERDAM FOR THE WIN #dutchie  
Noah48 London, don't get me wrong has a lot of beauty to it but I absolutely love the simplicity of Zuidas. It's a clean look.  
010_zuid The City is huge, with tall and beautiful towers while Zuidas, with all due respect, is a boring area filled with box-like towers that are not impressive on both the aspects of architecture and height. The City > Zuidas, by far.  
vartal Zuidas  
sudha muthu nice  
Seoul_Korea Tough choice... The City of London is a mastepiece, so I voted for it.  
wkiehl101 Zuidas  
arhimed2050 The City of London  
SpiderBHZ Oh dear...London, naturally.  
Tchokan Rotterdam would be better than Amsterdam, I think...  
luukardinho No, Rotterdam don't have a Biztrict section  
gunslinger Zuidas is cool, but City is legendary.  +5
stwebm 5/5 from Russia