one on one of July 18, 2016

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euro biztrict cup • semi final

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies


Frankfurt » info

International Business Center

Moscow » info

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A.W.R Moskau ist einfach besser  
Air@t only Moscow  +1
vegorv Moscow  +1
Dimonn IBC Moscow  
ArtZ IBC  
R@ptor Just how old ist the photo of Frankfurt? My guess would be from 2010 - so there are a lot of towers missing.  +2
Davidinho C'mon guys, Moscow's got more to offer [link]  
somrach1 What a tight match.  
miau both are just ugly  
erbse They took an old pic of Frankfurt, it looks denser now. It's also extending to the left of the pic currently (Riverside District): [link]  +4
Max BGF La Défense will win the final  
412lakes This shouldn't even be close... IBC is magnificent  +1
Waffles Bankenviertel  
Claudio Henrique Moscow has the most modern but looks more artificial, Frankfurd seems more natural.  +1
MetroSilesia Hard vote!  
Zaz965 I only vote in moscow because it has taller buildings hehe  +1
Cager Frankfurt picture is missing a few towers - the Moscow skyline looks has some nice towers, but they don't look good together. I like the natural growth of Frankfurts skyline better and it is also better intigrated into the city itself.  +3
Torch Most in Frankfurt buildings are unspectacular, but that is part of the beauty of it's skyline. The extravagant towers, like Messeturm and Commerzbank can shine more against a backdrop of fillers.  
ogonek The choice is clear,this is Moscow, despite the bad photo.  +6
vvolkov Is European kitsch better?  
TaxiRide Russian kitsch again and again and again and again...  
Victhor Frankfurt, more natural and built through different times, Moscow is politically forced and for speculation in a hurry, cooler but less authentic  +1
V.BOBR Frankfurt.  +1
HD Outdated Frankfurt pic. Weird.  +3
Seoul_Korea Bankenviertel, also if the pic lacks of some towers. Maybe SSC should put the most updated pics for  +11
Davidinho Four out of five 300+ towers of Moscow Business Center are not seen in the picture either. This is the worst possible view angle.  
Davidinho I have just discovered that there are 7 buildings higher than Commerzbank of Frankfurt.  
Davidinho MIBC.  +1
erbse Height alone doesn't make the better district. Frankfurt is more attractive imho. Moscow has the Seven Sisters which are far more interesting and attractive than the IBC.  +1
Joralex Frankfurt looks more "natural" or "fluid", hence my vote.  +2
Pansori Easy. Frankfurt.  +1
eibomz The Frankfurt pic is more than 2 years old!  +5
Gutmensch A current pic would look even worse. Be glad.  +1
manorytas Frankfurt am Main  +1
vartal International Business Center  +2
wkiehl101 Frankfurt  +2
roydex IBC Moscow! each scrapers were Amazing. :)  +5
CactusLord Really tought one, gonna go with Frankfurt cause i love the commerzbank tower and the thing as a whole. Regards from Spain german folks.  +4
CactusLord Also the moscow pic is far froom being good.  +1
JamieUK I really really really don't like the tall building in the middle of the Frankfurt one.  +1
Celt67 I don't like the mish-mash of styles in Moscow.  +7
Sechou Bankenviertel!  +1
prahovaploiesti International Business Center  +11