one on one of July 19, 2016

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euro biztrict cup • semi final

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies

La Défense

Paris » info

The City

London » info

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Waffles La Defense  
aljuarez I thought La Défense, first. It's certainly better looking. But the visitor experience is much better in the City. It's a real city district with legitimate life. La Défense has all that pre-planned vibe and parts of feel are just hostile and inhospitable, windswept.. The City's developed more or less organically during centuries!  +2
prahovaploiesti La Défense  +1
JamieUK In London's defence. That's London's 2nd biggest cluster vs Paris's biggest cluster.  +1
KiffKiff Canary Wharf is also smaller than La Defense.  +4
Sesto Elemento The picture of La Défense is 5 years old ! There are several new buildings not appearing on it !  +3
Seoul_Korea I'm in love with London, but I have to say that La Défense is just mindblowing. The City is still a bit underdeveloped, instead La Défense is greatfully developed and still continue to build some tall towers! My vote goes to La Défense. Sorry London.  +6
Limassoler The City is not even a biztrict.  
Avemano Not the best angle for both districts tbh.  +1
Robi_damian Mother of flame wars. London has taller buildings but La Defense is just prettier.  +4
vartal La Défense  +1