one on one of July 21, 2016

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balcony cup • quarter final

for this tournament we selected eight buildings where the balcony define the architecture

Bosco Verticale

Milan » info

Casa Batlló

Barcelona » info

this matchup has closed

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Yagura Why the Italian skyscrapers have always orrible picture? It's a conspiracy!  
ThatOneGuy I like the Hanging Gardens more than the skull  +1
Avemano Barcelona looks like a huge artwork of Gaudi.  
Waffles Bosco Verticale  
vartal Bosco Verticale  
Vermouth There are lots of buildings and projects like Bosco Verticale, but just there is one Gaud√≠.  +2
Davidinho I respect Gaudi, but don't like his architecture. Nothing special with those green balconies too but they are better than Daudi's one.  
dbk Only Gaudi!  +2
prahovaploiesti Bosco Verticale