one on one of July 22, 2016

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balcony cup • quarter final

for this tournament we selected eight buildings where the balcony define the architecture

Marina City

Chicago » info

Les Choux de Creteil

Paris » info

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prahovaploiesti Marina City  
Waffles Le Choux de Creteil  
Avemano I like Marina City only from the floor but when you see aerial view ... erm, yeah. Les Choux de Créteil's balconies are far more graphic and make these buildings look really special.  
UnHavrais Les Choux de Créteil !  
Zaz965 I like corn shape buildings  
ThatOneGuy Both gorgeous but I Marina City is too iconic  +3
Warninger Marina City  
igor Marina City  
Sheikh23 The first one is simply disguisting, its just pile of grey concrete  +1
INFERNAL ELF Disgusting ? just a pile of Concrete? The Marina city is a masteroeiece from the 1960`s a perfect mix of brutalism and Organic architecture.  +6
munchymunch No it's terrible it's not glass and not 3 thousand feet tall.  
BadgerCT Both are beautiful  +5
Ekumenopolis Both are hideous.  +1
Gabriel900 Les Choux de Creteil  
vartal Marina City