one on one of July 23, 2016

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balcony cup • quarter final

for this tournament we selected eight buildings where the balcony define the architecture


Chicago » info

New York by Gehry

New York City » info

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Henkka Does New York by Gehry even have balconies?  +1
DZH22 I have seen them both in person and the New York tower is substantially better. Aqua's glass cladding is not very good.  
Waffles New York by Gehry  
RaymondHood What are the qualifications for voting in these contests?  +2
dendenden 8 Spruce! Easily! I can't believe Aqua is winning!  
prahovaploiesti Aqua  
SOLOMON 1 Aqua.  
JMGA196 8 Spruce Street is literally the only relatively decent work Gehry has ever done in his life. Also much better than just a lot of serial planes on a cristal box, not much effort there...  +2
Sheikh23 Both look terrible  +1
SMCYB If we're judging the building from a specific angle, then Aqua wins. If we're judging the building as a whole, then Gehry wins.  +2
shivtim Aqua to win the whole thing  
thedurringtondoctor both hideous and will be demolished by President Trump.  +6
Davidinho antitrump propaganda is too illogical and deluded  
Starohrabě oh, this surely is antitrump propaganda at its best  
SpiderBHZ hahahahahahahaha Cool!  
vartal Aqua  
RaymondHood In the flesh, Gehry's tower looks better than Gang's  
wkiehl101 neither  
ThatOneGuy Both are great but I feel Aqua is more graceful.  +1