one on one of July 24, 2016

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balcony cup • quarter final

for this tournament we selected eight buildings where the balcony define the architecture

Druzhba Sanatorium

Yalta » info

VM Houses

Copenhagen » info

this matchup has closed

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Waffles VM Houses  +1
ArrowHead30 Druzhba looks like a giant mother virus.  
Zaz965 the second one reminds me a cactus hehehehe  +2
Harbornite Both shots are cool  +1
thedurringtondoctor good grief  
The_Fox Druzhba is the place you'd have a zombie virus outbreak or unethical mutant experiments taking place, just look at it!  +2
ThatOneGuy Druzhba is stunning. Great setting too.  +2
ThatOneGuy Also that VM House photo is misleading, it's not rounded.  +2
JamieUK Both are really ugly.  +2
RaymondHood I vote for the Porcupine  +2
NOMAD€ Friendship  
prahovaploiesti VM Houses  +1