one on one of July 27, 2016

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euro biztrict cup • finale

lining up the skyscraper districts of the eight biggest european economies

International Business Center

Moscow » info

La Défense

Paris » info

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David Protest La defense by a bit  
prahovaploiesti La Défense  
thedurringtondoctor je suis la defense  
JMGA196 This should have been the final... I'm gonna vote for La Defense, just because it looks like a real district, it took many years to make, it didn't pop out of nowhere. Still love Moscow and the IBC anyway.  +1
Avemano It is the finale ^^  +1
Blackhavvk 1 or 11 skyscrapers? My wote for 11. MOSCOW.  +1
Davidinho The towers of La Defense are like the low front buildings of CoC and Naberezhnaya towers complexes of Moscow City. If one could compare the two districts in same scale La Defense would have looked tiny.  
Waffles Moscow.  +2
Sheikh23 La Defense has a marvelous pic, although IMO the biztrick itself does not look that good. Thats why i vote for IBC ;)  
JmRijsel La Défense :)  +1
arno-13 It should be mandatory for pics in the polls to be up to date. Anyway, i'll still vote for la Defense, not for the height, but for the general composition and feeling. La Grande Arche really gave a soul of its own to the district, by making old and new respond to each other : the triomph arc and the grand arch are part of the same perspective !  +10
JamieUK That would be best since some will go off the pictures having maybe not been to the places recently or at all. It becomes which picture is the best at that point.  
Ysh Je t'aime, Moscou!  +4
Antoha2517 Moscow  +5
iceworld La Defense by faaar!  +8
Imax33 IBC  +5
Skyfilla IBC Moscow  +9
wkiehl101 La Defense  +5
Dimonn IBC Moscow  +9
KiffKiff La Defense  +5
V.BOBR La Défense  +7
vartal International Business Center  +6