one on one of August 3, 2016

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balcony cup • semi final

for this tournament we selected eight buildings where the balcony define the architecture

Bosco Verticale

Milan » info

Marina City

Chicago » info

this matchup has closed

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INFERNAL ELF Marina city by far it was way ahead of its time a true masterspiece  
gabbosan Plese don't joke... Bosco verticale is another planet!  
vecchiaguardia Chicago capital, Milan succursal. Italy poor madonnas sookate long & strong  
Brenno79 Bosco Verticale  
ThatOneGuy Hard choice.  
Waffles Bosco Verticale  
Hadid28 Bosco Verticale in the best !  +1
Hadid28 Bosco Verticale is the best !  +1
IThomas BOSCO VERTICALE >>> [link]  +1
Claudio Henrique Bosco though you barely can see it in that picture.  +2
RĂ©monM Bosco Verticale. An icon for a new generation.  +1
Sheikh23 TBH i find MC the most Hideous building in the Chicago downtown  +1
RaymondHood MC has lots of cars while BV has lots of trees.  +1
vartal Bosco Verticale  +1