one on one of August 9, 2016

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urban steps cup • quarter final

Walking steps never was as much fun as walking them on one of these eight selected urban steps. Which one is best?

steps as art

Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain • Duisburg » info

rooftop steps

festival stairs • Rotterdam » info

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prahovaploiesti rooftop steps  
vartal steps as art  
Zaz965 steps as art reminds me a rolling coaster  
010_zuid At first sight the Duisburg one looks far more impressive but it's mostly focused on the stairs themselves, while the stairs in Rotterdam took you to the top of a beautiful monument and got you a great view over the city. This is why I voted for the Rotterdam stairs, although I have to say the Duisburg one is beautiful.  +2
thedurringtondoctor good grief  +1
arhimed2050 "Steps as Art" in Duisburg, Germany  
BlackArt-ist german fake roller coaster and its useless loop