one on one of August 12, 2016

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olympic cup • quarter final

what a good time it is to select eight olympic stadiums used for the opening ceremony to find out which one we think is best!

Panathenaic Stadium

Athens • 1896 » info

Luzhniki Stadium

Moscow • 1980 » info

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andreschultz26 moscow is an ugly chunk  
prahovaploiesti Panathenaic Stadium  
Waffles luzhniki  
Spartan_X This picture isn't really doing justice to the Panathenaic stadium. Seen from the front, it looks even more majestic  
vartal Luzhniki Stadium  
bfg1118 Luzhiniki reminds me too much of the American "cookie-cutter" multi-purpose stadiums. They were big in the early-70s but so generic looking.  
Guajiro1 The original must win inmy opinion simply because it was the first and it's still standing.  +2