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olympic cup • quarter final

what a good time it is to select eight olympic stadiums used for the opening ceremony to find out which one we think is best!


Berlin • 1936 » info


Munich • 1972 » info

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prahovaploiesti Olympiastadion  
Harbornite I've been to the Berlin one, it was a close call because the Munich stadium is an attractive structure but I voted for Berlin as it's more historic.  
Edil Arda Berlin for sure, such historic place.  
Slartibartfas Nie wieder Faschismus! ... The Olympiastadium is much more interesting with its roof anyway.  +2
Der Gorn The fascism was born in Munich. :)  
General_FrKr Berlin - Best Olympics of all time (sigh)  +2
Tiaren Kinda unfair to let the two German stadiums knock each other out. I'll vote for Berlin because it is a classic beauty and has a long history.  +3
SpiderBHZ Munich  
FAVAustinTX It's all about the roof, Munich!  +1
Der Gorn Both are good but Berlin is better. More dignity.  +1
vartal Olympiastadion  +13