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olympic cup • quarter final

what a good time it is to select eight olympic stadiums used for the opening ceremony to find out which one we think is best!

Beijing National Stadium

Beijing • 2008 » info

Maracanã Stadium

Rio de Janeiro • 2016 » info

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prahovaploiesti Beijing National Stadium  
goodybear The large stadium is the Maracanã, built in 2015. The smaller one next to it is the original stadium, which was built in the 50's.  
Waffles Beijing the birds nest  
Gutovsky Beijing's is definitely more beautiful, but it's nearly ever used now, while Maracanã is from the 50´s and holds its 3rd major sports event.  +1
Amecurty visually.. is this really a contest?  +2
rodrigorc Architectonic speaking, the beijing one.. Importance in history of sports, Maracanã, of course. Two world cup finals. The "biggest stadium of the world" title will be foreverMaracanã's property.  
rodrigorc I forgot the record attendance of 200 thousand people back in 1950.  
Lino that is the Maracanã where the ceremony took place :)  
Lino Maracanã!! It is full of history and not abandoned!!  
Axelferis Beijing of course  
bfg1118 Bird's Nest  
brazilian001 Wrong photo, this is not Maracanã.  +3
SpiderBHZ Maracanã??  
vartal Beijing National Stadium  
FAVAustinTX That is not Maracanã, that's the Olympic Stadium at Olympic Park  +3
brazilian001 That's the Olympic Stadium, but it is not in the Olympic Park.  +4